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Collection: Sip & Drip Paint Party Sneaker kit

Do you love sneakers, t-shirts, how about sneaker t-shirts, but you want to add your own personal touch to the shirt? I have a fun solution to your issue. The very first Sneaker Paint Party Kit but on t-shirts! I started my art career years ago in college painting/customizing sneakers and sneaker tees. As I evolved I moved to gallery work and murals and now I hold paint parties where we paint on t-shirts. I still love and sometimes create hand painted apparel. So now I'm giving you a chance to do the same. With so many shoes being released and trying to find the right apparel to match the process can get overwhelming. So now you, your family, and friends can now have your very own custom sneaker t-shirt. In thisĀ  kit I provide everything you need to get creative.

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